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Today leading philanthropic agencies, community groups, research organisations, universities and government are taking forward a bold initiative in support of Queensland kids. The Thriving Queensland Kids Partnership (TQKP) is bringing together organisations and leaders to translate experience and science into policy and practice, while supporting capacity building across the community and our workforces, to improve the wellbeing of children and families in Queensland.

Most Queensland children are thriving but too many Queensland children and young people are failing to thrive due to adverse life experiences and lack of access to the resources they need. Current systems are not sufficiently geared or connected to provide the right opportunities or supports, at the right time in the right way, which contributes to enduring inequality and poor outcomes, for too many people across their life course. TQKP has spent the last 18 months developing relationships, gathering insights and identifying pathways to shift this system, and now has the resources to take action.

The Bryan Foundation, Hand Heart Pocket Foundation (Queensland’s largest charitable foundation), The John Villiers Trust, and the Paul Ramsay Foundation (one of Australia’s largest charitable foundations) are today announcing their ongoing support with a combined funding of $7.7 million over three years, to leverage existing community and government investment and effort, ensuring this work can spread across the state.

Michael Hogan – Convenor, TQKP
“Most Queensland children are thriving but too many experience vulnerability compared with those in other states. This gap is closing and the goal of the Thriving Queensland Kids Partnership is to accelerate this trend. We start from the idea that we do better together, that we can take programs and people that are making in-roads, and connect them, learn from them, boost them. We are not about creating a new organisation or service, it is about using what and who we already have, and what we know and learn.”

Matthew Cox – Executive Director, The Bryan Foundation
“TQKP brings together everyone with an important role to play in improving things for kids in Queensland. It’s a whole of society endeavour and it’s important. The Bryan Foundation is delighted to be working with other leading philanthropic organisations to help make it happen.”

Lea-Anne Bradley – CEO, The John Villiers Trust (JVT)
“Regional children experience even greater levels of vulnerability compared with those in the major centres, and in Queensland this is exacerbated by our vast geography and decentralised population. Adding a dedicated Country Queensland Engagement and Partnerships role will put boots on the ground to connect regionally based organisations and communities with all that the Thriving Queensland Kids Partnership has to offer.”

Sara Parrott – CEO, Hand Heart Pocket
“Too many young Queenslanders are behind before they even start their adult life, and they are facing more challenges than ever before. That’s why we need to build the systems and structures that will best help young people in need to thrive in adult life. Through TQKP the leaders of our communities, as well as policy makers and funders, can come together to understand what works and what matters for young Queenslanders. TQKP will steer this conversation here in Queensland so that we can give young people the best chance for success in their adult lives. Hand Heart Pocket is proud be part of this collaborative approach.”

Glyn Davis AC – CEO, Paul Ramsay Foundation
“The TQKP seeks to amplify the value and impact of the not-for-profit, the tertiary, the philanthropic, and the government sectors – to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts. A range of agencies – including the Queensland Government – are already participating in building the partnership, demonstrating the power of this collaborative and hopefully transformative initiative.

Minister for Children, Leanne Linard MP said it was great to see so many different organisations coming together to share their expertise and prioritise the wellbeing of children and young people.

“We know that many families and communities have been doing it tough as they grappled with the impacts of COVID and natural disasters which has seen a surge in demand for child and family services. Keeping children safe is everyone’s business and all Queenslanders play an important role.

“The Thriving Queensland Kids Partnership is a great initiative and an opportunity to work with philanthropic organisations, universities, industry and the community in conjunction with the government to ensure that every child has a great start in life.”

As TQKP commences this new phase of work, we continue to look for partners so grow our knowledge and impact. Bringing together these leading philanthropic agencies, with a broader coalition of Queensland organisations is an exciting opportunity to make a long-term positive impact for children, and their families.

ARACY is facilitating the TQKP initiative to help improve the health, development, wellbeing and safety of Queensland children, and in particular, to contribute to disrupting disadvantage and adversity and to building capability, connection and resilience. The leadership of TQKP is drawn from community, government and university leaders working with children and their families across Queensland.

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