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Who we are

For centuries Freemasons have used the symbols of hand, heart and pocket to pledge practical help, genuine empathy and financial generosity to those who need it most. Inspired by this spirit of benevolence,
today we promise that same support.

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Practical Help
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Genuine Empathy
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Financial Generosity

Hand Heart Pocket is an independent charity and philanthropic foundation established by the Freemasons of Queensland with a history of helping the community for more than 110 years. We partner with other charities and philanthropists to create positive change for people in need in Queensland and Papua New Guinea, particularly young people. At a local level, we also back Freemason Lodges to support people in need and their local communities. Our Members’ deep connections to their local communities means they know exactly which local initiative to support, so together, we can help to bring our purpose – to partner for change for people in need – to life in communities across Queensland and Papua New Guinea.

Hand Heart Pocket is the trading name for the Board of Benevolence and of Aged Masons Widows and Orphans’ Fund.

Read our 2021-22 Annual Report

Read our 2021-2024 Purpose-led Strategy

Read our Consolidated Financial Report 2021-22

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To partner for change for people in need.


Our goal is by 2030 to ensure 10,000 of Queensland’s at-risk young people have the outcomes they need to thrive in adult life.

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Our values are


We honour Freemason traditions of empathy, respect, friendship and giving to those in need.


We approach challenges with an optimistic mindset to inspire creative solutions and positive change.


We actively collaborate with each other and our partners to achieve shared goals.


We apply judgement to unlock opportunities and take risks, that deliver impact and rewards.


We align our actions with our intentions and strive for meaningful and transparent contributions to society.

Latest news

News23 08 12 Legacy Brisbane Uglq

Freemasons look out for veterans’ families

When we recite the Ode each ANZAC Day, we make a commitment to never forget the service of those that have given their lives for this country so that our region lives in peace today. When our servicemen and women are injured or pay the ultimate price, Legacy makes a commitment to support their loved […]
NewsStars Foundation Case Study 2

Supporting First Nations girls in Townsville to reach for the stars

Young First Nations girls in Townsville are reaching their goals. From joining the army to becoming a radio host, these are the success stories of young women who only a few years ago were disengaged from their education. Behind their success is a mentoring program run by Stars Foundation, which offers tailored support and encouragement […]
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Helping mend family ties for a safe and connected future

Our teenage years are meant to be a time of self-discovery, to try new things and dream big. But it can also be a time of self-doubt and heartache, feeling as though you’ve got too much on your plate. For some young people these big feelings can result in behaviours that impact on their relationships […]
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Good Together: Dollars 4 Dollars

Regional patients travelling to Townsville to receive treatment for Leukaemia have a home-away-from home in the Freemasons Village. On the door-step of Townsville Hospital, the accommodation facility managed by the Leukaemia Foundation has been a comfortable place to stay for hundreds of patients over the years. Last year Mackay’s Calen Hamilton Lodge and Hand Heart […]
News23 06 15 Givit Nw Qld

Disaster relief for flood-affected Northwest Queenslanders

In March, Northwest Queensland was devastated by floods, with residents in Bourke Shire and Boulia Shire bearing the brunt of the deluge. At the time many were evacuated to Mt Isa and Normanton, hundreds of kilometres away, where they stayed until waters could recede. In the immediate aftermath of the natural disaster, we worked closely […]
NewsDollars 4 Doers Ted

Dollars 4 Doers: Ted rolls up his sleeves for the homeless

The Faulkners are early risers. While most of us would be hitting the snooze button on our alarm clock, Freemason Ted Faulkner, his wife Richelle (both pictured) and their granddaughter are clocking on for their 6:30am volunteering shift at Coffee Brigade Brisbane. For the next three hours they’ll be working away, making sandwiches, which will […]

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