Bring Smiles To Thousands of Queenslanders

"Hand Heart Pocket is making a difference where the action is – at a grassroots level in our local communities and with far-reaching initiatives that will benefit all Queenslanders."

Our support is far-reaching

Why Your Help Reached Further

As an independent charity founded by the Freemasons of Queensland, Hand Heart Pocket helps in areas of statewide and local community need that have limited access to funding from other sources. We work with other charities around the state to identify initiatives that we can help to make a reality – initiatives with the real potential to change lives.

We also collaborate with Masonic Lodges, in both big cities and small, often-forgotten communities. Through their community work, local Lodges know exactly which small hospital is in desperate need of specialist equipment, which children need help to live a normal life or which local organisation needs support to continue its good work.

We also work with individuals in times of extreme need to get them back on their feet. We always use our funds wisely to give a hand up - not a hand out - to build potential not encourage permanent dependence.

100 Reasons To Support Us

100% of your tax-deductible donations go to organisations and people who genuinely need help. We always use our funds wisely to give a hand up not a hand out, to build potential not encourage permanent dependence.

Be A ‘monthly Hero'

One of the best ways you can help Hand Heart Pocket’s work in Queensland is by signing up as a hand heart pocket monthly hero. We think of our monthly givers as the real heroes of our organisation because they help make so much more possible...

Corporate Partners

Help more Queenslanders. Companies and individual philanthropists who want to make a difference are warmly invited to get in touch to discuss possible partnerships.