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Guide Dogs Queensland 2021 Great Priory Donation

More people with vision loss will lead independent lives as $28,000 donated by the Great Priory of Queensland is put towards the breeding and care of the next generation of Guide Dogs in Queensland as well as vet expenses.

Matched by Hand Heart Pocket the Charity of Freemason Queensland, the Masonic order’s contribution will support Guide Dogs Queensland’s comprehensive health screening program, where the suitability of dogs from their breeding colony is measured, ensuring that those from strong genetic lines are put forward for the breeding program. This means that these Guide Dogs will be less prone to developing health complications later in life, enabling them to have a long working life and partnership with the person with vision loss.

The other portion of the donation will assist with the critical care of the newborn pups in the first 8-10 weeks of life.

Grand Master of the Great Priory of Queensland Bob Bennett said their members were supportive of the donation and recognised the freedom that this would ultimately give to people with vision loss.

“With the help of a Guide Dog, people with vision loss can lead a full life and that to us is worth supporting,” Mr Bennett said.

“The screening program covers procedures such as x rays, ultrasounds, eye examinations, heart health checks and even DNA testing. Not only that, but our support will help Guide Dogs Queensland to boost its breeding colony by about six dogs.

“As for the birth and care of the newborn pups, this also requires investment to ensure the success of the Guide Dogs in later life, so we are proud that we’ve been able to lend a hand in this regard as well.”

Hand Heart Pocket Chief Executive Officer Sara Parrott said the Freemason charity was able to maximise this contribution through their Grassroots Grants program.

“At a grassroots level we work with Freemason Lodges and other Masonic orders to fulfil charitable needs in their community,” Ms Parrott said.

“We’re very familiar with the work of Guide Dogs Queensland having provided a $230,000 Significant Grant towards the construction of their vet clinic last year.

“We were only too happy to augment the charity work of the Great Priory of Queensland to enhance the quality of life of people with vision loss through Guide Dogs Queensland.”

Photo: The $28,000 donation will go towards with the breeding and care of the next generation of Guide Dogs in Queensland as well as vet expenses.

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