Pyjama Angels play special role in the lives of children in foster care

23 01 12 Qmtc Pyjama Foundation

Pyjama Angel volunteers play a very special role in the lives of children in foster care and can make an enormous difference through their presence.

From teaching them life skills, to helping with homework and reading books, the Pyjama Angel forms a special bond with each child, helping them build a brighter future, despite a rough start.

In almost 20 years the Pyjama Foundation has supported 10,500 children, each having taken part in weekly educational activities with their Pyjama Angel.

The Queensland Masonic Touring Club (QMTC) donated $5,000 to the organisation towards the training of five Pyjama Angels.

QMTC representative Doug McGill said the screening, recruiting and training of the Pyjama Angels was a crucial part of the program’s success.

“It costs the Pyjama Foundation $1,000 to train one volunteer and pair them with a child in foster care and to also provide the necessary supplies for the educational activities,” Doug said.

“When you consider the long-term positive impacts that these special connections can have for the children, our donation seems so worthwhile.”

Hand Heart Pocket Chief Executive Officer Sara Parrott said over the last year, the Freemasons of Queensland have continued to make a positive impact in communities across the state.

“In 2021-22, with the support of Hand Heart Pocket our Members gave over $460,000 to the causes that matter to them in their community,” Ms Parrott said.

“Using mentoring to build the confidence of children in foster care – who might otherwise fall behind in important aspects of adult life – contributes to helping them lead happy and healthy lives in the long term.

“We are very happy to have matched the efforts of the Queensland Masonic Touring Club to train five new Pyjama Angels.”

Photo: A representative of the Queensland Masonic Touring Club hands over a $5,000 cheque to Pyjama Foundation Founder and CEO Bronwyn Sheehan OAM.

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