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23 02 10 Alan Sims Hhp Story Volunteering

This is Alan, a Member from Cairns. Alan volunteers 4-6 hours every week at the COUCH Wellness Centre, a place dedicated to supporting people living with cancer in the Far North.

Alan does everything from planting and tending to the garden beds, as well as checking the sprinklers and gurni-ing the concrete footpaths.

“When it’s a cause that really matters to you, it outweighs anything else. I think of the people that this Centre is for and if my few hours a week can contribute to their wellbeing, then I’ve made a difference,” Alan said.

If you volunteer for a local charity, you too can apply for Personal Dollars 4 Doers. For more information on how to apply go to, www.handheartpocket.org.au/matched-giving/


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